Using your Student Account

Some Information System courses require students use the indianatech2 server for thier assignments. Your instructor will tell you if you have a student account and what is your username and password. There are two ways to log into your student account, and your instructor will indicate which method you should use:

  1. Remote Secure Shell (SSH) using a program such as PuTTY for PC's
    or Terminal for Mac computers.
  2. File Transfer Protocal (FTP) using a program such as WinSCP for PC's
    or Fugu for Mac computers.
If you are using the SSH method, you may need to lean about using the command line. For more information, see the Command Line page.

To view your student account files over the internet, you will need to open a web browser like Internet Explorer. Type in the address bar and your web page will appear:

web page Window