Creating ER Diagrams

Entity Relationship diagrams are a data modeling technique that create graphical representations of the entities, and the relationships between entities, within an information system. Students taking information system courses will need to create ER diagrams using the Crow's Foot Notation. Here's how you can to produce a good looking diagram.

1. Begin by launching the Gliffy website and signing into your account. Create a new blank drawing.

Gliffy's website

2. Next, choose the Entity-Relationship library on the left pane. Click and drag the Entity with Attributes object onto the drawing canvas. You can see your cursor is ready to enter text onto the entity object.

Gliffy's website

3. Click and drag a relationship object to connect your entities together. You can add labels and a title for your drawing.

Gliffy's website

4. When you complete your ER Diagram, choose Export as JPEG from the file menu. Here is what the finished diagram looks like when drawn in Gliffy:

You can learn more about Crow's Foot notated ER Diagrams from this Tutorial.
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