How to Print out your Programs

For your programming courses, your assignments will include writing programs and running them with test data. In order for you to receive credit for your work, you must print out your source code and proof that it executed correctly. You will need to hand-in your results on paper. Here is how you do it:

You should make sure that everything is working properly before assembling your document to hand-in.

First, open your source code in the editor (notepad2 or TextWrangle) and make the window as small as possible without needing to scroll to see everything. Next, hold down the ALT key and press the PRINTSCREEN key if you are using a PC. This will copy the file into the clip board and you can then paste it as an image into a word document.

If you are using a Mac, hold down the SHIFT and COMMAND keys while you press the number 4. Then press the SPACEBAR. You will see a camera image appear and if you click on a window, a new image will be created and saved to the desktop. You can then insert the image into a document.

Next, clear the command line window (CLS for PC and CLEAR for Mac). If using using a PC, change your window's background to white and text to black using the Color f0 Command.

Now, with a nice clean window, compile and run your program.

Finally, take a screen shot of the output as you did your source code and insert this image into the same document.

Example of Program Printout

Here is an example of a two part program along with the output. You should be able to place one assignment per page. Insert your name and assignment number on the top of the page and print it out.